Mobile and Tablet Repair

If it need fixing. we can find the best solution!

Troubleshooting problems

we find solutions that works for you

Mobile and tablet Repairs are easy when the specialists are on site. Repairtec Digital Services are a professional on-site repair services catering Southern Coromandel Region from Waihi. Professionalism, fast response and affordable rates are our focus.

Broken Touch Screens and Digitizes

We can give you a quote

Broken LCD Screens

we can give you a quote

Damaged Charge Ports

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Non-Working Buttons and Track-pads

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Damaged Housings

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Physical Damage

We can give you a quote

1 Hour tops

For a diagnostic

From the moment you drop you phone or tablet in we will contact you with in an hour with the diagnostic report.


for screen replacements

All of your screen replacements have at least a 3 month warranty on them, so that you feel safe that if it dose have a problem you can bring it in to be fixed on us

we can Back it up

worried about your images

If you are worried about losing your images we can back it up for you, before we even start working on your device. Giving you a peace of mind that you wont lose those valued memories.

We strive to make our clients happy

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